Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Small Publisher, Really Small Town

The official population of Copper City, Michigan stood at 193 the last time I checked. I think that's overstating it a bit. Before Thimbleberry Press relocated here from New Jersey in 2008, the only business in town was the Drift Inn (a tavern favored by snowmobilers, hunters, bikers, dart players and horse shoe afficionados). Pictured at the left is the town post office where all residents pick up their mail and the post mistress posts a handwritten sign to let us know the mail has been sorted. She also closes up for lunch one hour each and every day, so even here there are a few schedules of importance.

The fact that we can build a publishing company in a tiny rural community is a miracle of technology. We couldn't bring my garden to our New Jersey apartment, so we brought our business to my garden. And with continued hard work and a lot of luck, Thimbleberry Press aims to be a productive force in this small community and the Keweenaw Peninsula we now call home. (To find out more about the Keweenaw Peninsula check out Thimbleberry Press may not serve beer, but at least now the Drift Inn is not the only business in town.

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