Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Success at PastyFest

The local food and culture festival in Calumet, Michigan known as PastyFest was a great success last Saturday and Thimbleberry Press felt right at home. We had one little table to sell our two ambitious books and even though at first glance our Chinese-themed books seemed to have no context at this event (afterall, the day long festival centers around Copper Country mining traditions and Cornish-Finnish-Italian food) we had a blast, generated a lot of interest in what we are doing as a publisher and even sold a few books. And our small, but growing, community of "fans" on Facebook got a little bigger as well.

In typical Upper Peninsula laid-back fashion, when a light rain settled in, the vendor next to us, who had a tent, just helped us move our books and materials over to share his table. No problem, don't ya know. So we shared a table for half the event with The Window Store and a very nice young fellow named Travis. Thanks, Travis.

You gotta love the Keweenaw.


  1. I truly enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Thanks. Always good to get feedback, especially the positive kind.