Thursday, February 18, 2010

Progress Report

OK, I can't tell you we are going to press yet, but I can report that we have our cover (thanks to the stunning, wide-angle photo of a frozen Copper Harbor provided by local photographer David Clark) and most of the content is being edited.

Now the really fun part begins: designing the inside pages with real articles and photos. For me, making a book or magazine out of an idea and into a concrete reality is the most exciting part of being a designer. If I can just pull this off before March 20 and the official start of Spring I won't even have to change the masthead--it will still be Vol. 1, Winter 2010!


  1. OMG, BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Okay, NOW I'm getting excited

  2. Way to go! How exciting you're publishing a magazine. Will love to see this when you get this out.