Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apples, wine, lake trout, and saunas...

What could be more Upper Peninsula? Well, O.K., maybe beer, and deer hunting, and four-wheeling but those just aren't subjects we are covering in the next issue of Further North.

And being a bit compulsive, I'm going to acknowledge again that I'm late, late, late with this issue. It's November not September, but here's the problem: when you work for love not money something's gotta give and usually what gives is scheduling. Our fledgling magazine has some of the most talented and generous contributors in the region and we are so excited to highlight them. We're sure you're going to find Issue 2 worth the wait. We will have essays on homemade wine making, fishing and family businesses, the all-important sauna, and our feature essay and art focus will be on Central Mines and the Heritage Apple Project.

So, while you're waiting for Issue 2, we hope you will continue to spread the word about Issue 1 which is still available for purchase online. We're optimistic that by the time we manage to assemble our 4th issue (no, I'm not predicting that date yet) we will be on the kind of financial footing that will allow for predictable publishing. In the meantime, we're on Yooper time...and loving it.

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