Thursday, June 23, 2011

Starting Over, Daily

The truism that nothing is constant but change has now been made manifest in its purest form and that is the publishing business right now. And again now. Oh and something just changed and you missed it, again. What happened first to the music business with file sharing, etc. has now hit the book business like a know a prolonged, huge, powerful wave. Everyone involved has no choice but to ride it and see where they land.

Personally, I take my inspiration from small things. Hence my preoccupation with hummingbirds. Mastering all technologies at once, one small piece at a time. Web design (much easier today than 10 years ago, thank God), blogging (practically idiot proof, but time consuming), social media (don't get me started, oh that's right...too late), print-on-demand (check), ebooks (we're getting there). Honestly, change is really exhausting.

I decided this morning to revisit one of my original blog posts to see how jaded I'd become in less than two years of operating a tiny press on a tiny peninsula in the middle of a sea of change (technologically speaking).

One constant I found from that earlier blog post to today are the hummingbirds. In June 2009 I wrote:
"Can a business plan include: a front porch, bird feeders, a vegetable garden, poetry, and a piano? Apparently so, because I have decided if there are no hummingbirds and gold finches, then I’m sorry but the deal’s off."

We have plenty of hummingbirds this June. Here's hoping they're harbingers of good things to come.

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